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Based at the scholarship within the acclaimed educational Encyclopedia of Africa, that's geared toward university and graduate scholars, this paintings offers Africa, from Egypt to Cape city and from prehistoric instances to the current day, in a layout that's inviting to school scholars. The 4-vol. set spans many disciplines with its articles on animals, meals, vacations and fairs, tribal teams, ecology, tune and paintings, exchange and the economic climate, geography, faith, folklore, and fossil and skeletal discoveries. (20021101)

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В книге предложены самые разнообразные рецепты праздничных блюд из речной, морской рыбы и морепродуктов, а также некоторые рекомендации, которые помогут сделать эти блюда еще вкуснее и красивее.


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C. a series of towns connected the inland capital to the port of Adulis on the Red Sea coast. These towns formed an overland trade route for valuable goods such as ivory, tortoiseshell, and rhinoceros horn. Aksum grew wealthy from exporting these goods to trading partners along the shores of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. D. 200s Aksum began to mint coins of gold, silver, and copper that made it easier to trade with other lands. Most of these coins have been found in southern Arabia, one of the territories that Aksum controlled.

The pirates roamed the Mediterranean Sea, launching raids on passing ships. Famous for their fierceness, they were known as the Barbary pirates (from the Latin word for “foreign”). Piracy in the Mediterranean continued into the early 1800s, when navies of the United States and Europe joined forces to bring it to an end. * sector part; subdivision of society See map in Archaeology and Prehistory (vol. 1). * indigenous native to a certain place 1986 the collapse of worldwide oil prices plunged the nation into a severe economic slowdown from which it has yet to recover.

It took a long time for domesticated species to spread southward, however. Most African groups probably did not adopt such animals until their populations had grown too large to be supported by hunting. Disease, especially sleeping sickness (trypanosomiasis) carried by the tsetse fly, kept some animals from thriving very far south of the Sahara. African Cattle. Africa has long been a melting pot for different kinds of cattle. Rock paintings found in mountains of the central Sahara suggest that people were herding and milking cattle there as early as 6,500 years ago, when the region was wetter and greener than it is today.

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