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This quantity employs a pragmatic, problem-solving method of figuring out the exact chemistry, kinetics and mechanisms of polymer synthesis. It presents a complete research of the equipment of synthesis and methods of characterization precise to polymers. There are over 2000 equations, literature references, drawings, illustrative examples, workouts, and worked-out difficulties and solutions to enhance crucial innovations mentioned in the course of the textual content.

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HiemenzP. C. PolymerChemistry, The Basic Concepts. Marcel Dekker, NewYork (1984). Odian G. Principles of Polymerization. 3rd ed. Chap. 1. John Wiley, NewYork (1991). Rudin A. The Elements of PolymerScience and Engineering. Chap. 1. Academic Press, NewYork (1982). SeymourR. B. and Carraher C. E. Jr. PolymerChemistry, an Introduction. Marcel Dekker, NewYork (1981). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What is the acid equivalent of polycaprolactam (nylon-6) with average D_P 500 ? 7. Howwould you determine experimentally whether the polymerization of an unknown monomer was proceeding by a step or a chain mechanism ?

A polyamide made from either an amino acid or a lactam is called nylon-z, where z is the number of carbon atoms in the repeating unit. A nylon made from a diamine and a dibasic acid is designated by two numbers, in which the first represents the number of carbons in the diamine chain and the second the number of carbons in the dibasic acid. 8 Namethe polyamides made from the following monomersand drawtheir structural formulas(one repeating unit). (a) Caprolactam;(b) to-aminoundecanoicacid; (c) dodecyl lactam; (d) diamine and sebacic acid, and (e) Ethylene diamine and decanedioic acid.

If the three central carbon atoms in rz-pentane are fixed in the plane of the paper, then the five distinct conformations of the molecule can be represented in skeletal form as shown in Fig. 5. 5 ~. apart) and so are of high energy and low probability in comparison to the other conformations. 5 Thefive distinct conformationsof n-pentane. The short-range interactions, as shownabove, are important in determiningthe relative probabilities of existenceof different conformations in a polymerchain. 1) where k is the Boltzmannconstant, Ae is the energy difference between the energyminimain the trans and gauchestates, and the factor of 2 arises becauseof the -I- gauchestates available.

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