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By David Klotz

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Hibis Temple, tucked away within the distant Khargeh Oasis, comprises the longest huge hymns to Amun-Re ever carved in hieroglyphs. those spiritual texts, inscribed through the reign of Darius I, drew upon a wide number of New nation resources, and later they served as assets for the Graeco-Roman hymns at Esna Temple. As such, the hymns to Amun-Re from Hibis are excellently fitted to learning Egyptian theology in the course of the Persian interval, at the eve of the intended "new theology" created by means of the Graeco-Roman priesthood. This new examine, the 1st huge statement at the 5 liturgically hooked up hymns, good points new translations with exact notes. The ebook additionally considers dominant theological issues found in the texts, together with the idea that of "Amun in the Iris."

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100 Edfou I, 499, 5–7. 101 For example Edfou I, 68,6; 162,4; 164,7; 412,13; 450,16; 524, 4–5; Edfou II, 39, 4–5; 41,3; 136,8; 184,11; Edfou III, 51, 16–17; 53, 7–8; 55,2; 119,6; 209,11; Edfou IV, 59, 11; 165, 9–10; 270,11–12; 307,2–3; 384,11; Edfou V, 20,6; Urk. VIII, 55g (= Clère, La porte d’Évergète à Karnak, Pl. , Pl. 7); 202c (= Husson, L’Offrande du Miroir, Doc. 68, 212–13); Daumas, Les Mammisis de Dendara, 213, 13; Chassinat, Le Mammisi d’Edfou, 76,11; 117,3; De Morgan, Kom Ombo I, No. 418 (over Panebtawi); Gutbub, Kôm Ombo I, No.

Thus, it is probable that all five hymns from the Hypostyle Hall were part of one temple service: this hymn would be sung first, and once Amun-Re had “awoken,” he would be ready to properly receive the lengthy praise addressed to him in the following hymns. Finally, it is worth mentioning similar rituals in the Theban Greek Magical Papyri. ”  Meanwhile, in a Demotic Magical Papyrus, a vessel inquiry performed “in order to see the bark of Pre” tells the magician to say: located in the Akhet, separating heaven from earth, cf.

The concept of Amun as the source of the Nile is attested in an amazing relief at 135 Lorton, SAK 21 (1995): 177, n. g (citing P. 24–25). 136 Zivie, Le Temple de Deir Chelouit III, No. 126, 12 (No. 126); cf. t (“which spring up”). 137 This Osirian aspect of Amun was noted by Iamblichus in his description of Kneph/Kmeph (Kematef): “The demiurgical intellect (ηους), master of truth and wisdom, when he comes into creation and brings to light the invisible power of hidden words, is called Amun … (but) as a producer of (earthly) goods, he is called Osiris” (Iamblichus, The Egyptian Mysteries, VIII, 3 [after des Places, Les Mystères d’Egypte, pp.

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