New PDF release: AbraVocabra the amazingly sensible approach to teaching

By Rider A., et al.

ISBN-10: 1877673919

ISBN-13: 9781877673917

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You may change the form of a word to fit the story, if you need to. ) Unforgettable Antonio’s English assignment was to write about an “unforgettable character” in his life, and he was having a hard time with it. If the assignment had been to write about a “beautiful character,” it would have been easy. Tracy, who sat next to him in math class, would have been the perfect subject. A “(1)_________________character” would have been easy, too — his mother. AbraVocabra • Copyright © 2003 Cottonwood Press, Inc.

Melodramatic: overly emotional • The actors were so melodramatic that it was hard to take the play seriously. • Midge was being melodramatic when she accidentally dumped a slice of pizza in her lap and then shouted, “That does it! ” AbraVocabra • Copyright © 2003 Cottonwood Press, Inc. com 60 List #7 continued eternal: existing always, without beginning or end • “My love for you is eternal,” Romeo whispered. ” • Harvey was eternally grateful to his father for letting him drive his Corvette to the prom.

AbraVocabra • Copyright © 2003 Cottonwood Press, Inc. com 46 List #4 continued A “just plain disgusting” character would have been his brother Hank, who belched the alphabet backwards every morning at breakfast and finished his show by threatening to (2)__________________ in Antonio’s cereal if he didn’t applaud. “Unforgettable character,” though, was hard. Hank was unforgettable, but not in a good way. Besides, he didn’t want to think about Hank any more than he had to. Finally Antonio’s mother suggested that he visit Uncle Lou, his father’s oldest brother.

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