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By Arthur S. Hathaway

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Illustrated, together with a number of Examples - Chapters: Definitions And Theorems - middle Of Gravity - Curve Tracing, Tangents - Parallel Projection - Step Projection - Definitions And Theorems Of Rotation - Definitions Of flip And Arc Steps - Quaternions - Powers And Roots - illustration Of Vectors - formulation - Equations Of First measure - Scalar Equations, airplane And instantly Line - Nonions - Linear Homogeneous pressure - Finite And Null lines - Derived Moduli, Latent Roots - Latent traces And Planes - Conjugate Nonions - Self-Conjugate Nonions - Etc., and so on.

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TOD, or (x−8) 9 10 11 20. The equation of the line AB is V ABAP = 0, or AP = tAB or (z−7) . −4 (x−8) 2 = (y−2) 4 = 21. The equation of the common perpendicular to AB, CD is the equation of Ex. 18 and x + 2y − 2z = 7. 22. Find the distance of D from the lines in Exs. 19, 20, 21. 23. Find OD in the form lOA + mOB + nOC, and find the ratios in which OD cuts the triangle ABC. CHAPTER 4. EQUATIONS OF FIRST DEGREE 48 Nonions 69. The vector equation of first degree is (a) V q1 ρr1 + V q2 ρr2 + · · · = V q.

Cor. 1. The conjugate of a vector is the negative vector. [39 Cor. ] • Cor. 2. The conjugate of a product of two vectors is the product of the same vectors in reverse order. [Art. 39, Cor. ] • Cor. 3. The conjugate of a product of three vectors is the negative of the product of the same vectors in reverse order. [Art. 39, Cor. ] CHAPTER 3. QUATERNIONS 27 The Rotator q()q −1 41. , OB/OA determines the number r such that rOA = OB. By Art. 21, equal step ratios determine equal numbers. If the several pairs of steps that are in a given ratio r be given a rotation whose equatorial arc is 2 arc q, they are still equal ratios in their new positions and determine a new number r that is called the number r rotated through 2 arc q.

Show that a centro-planar quadric consists of two planes parallel to the null plane of its nonion φ. CHAPTER 4. EQUATIONS OF FIRST DEGREE 58 14. Show that the equation of a central quadric referred to its centre as origin is Sρφρ + 1 = 0. Show that the latent lines and planes of φ are axes and planes of symmetry of the quadric; also that φρ is perpendicular to the tangent plane at the point whose vector is ρ. (a) Show that the axes and planes of symmetry of the general quadric are parallel to the latent lines and planes of φ.

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