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That which lies contemptibly is kusa, vice. Kusala is that which cuts off vice. √ (iii) a. ku, evil, bad, + 10. See The Expositor, part i. p. 50. 35 √ su, to reduce. That which reduces or eradicates evil is kusa, knowledge or wisdom, Kusa, so derived, + lu, to cut. That which cuts off (evil) by wisdom is kusala. la, to take. b. Kusa, so derived, + That which is grasped by wisdom is kusala. √ √ (iv) Kusa grass cuts a part of the hand with both edges. ” With the exception of ‘clever’ all the other three meanings are applicable to kusala.

63 Thus end, in all, the fifteen types of Form-Sphere Moral, Resultant, and Functional consciousness. (Summary) Form-Sphere consciousness is fivefold according to different Jhànas. That becomes fifteenfold according to Moral, Resultant and Functional types. Notes:— 36. Råpàvacara— There are three planes of existence — namely, Sensuous Sphere (Kàmaloka), Form-Sphere (Råpaloka), and FormlessSphere (Aråpaloka). The four states of misery (Apàya), human realm (Manussa), and the six celestial realms (Devaloka) constitute the Kàmaloka.

Somanassa-sahagataü nàõasampayuttaü asaïkhàrikam ekaü, 2. Somanassa-sahagataü ¤àõasampayuttaü sasaïkhàrikam ekaü, 3. Somanassa-sahagataü ¤àõavippayuttaü asaïkhàrikam ekaü, 4. Somanassa-sahagataü ¤àõavippayuttaü sasaïkhàrikam ekaü, 5. Upekkhà-sahagataü ¤àõasampayuttaü asaïkhàrikam ekaü, 6. Upekkhà-sahagataü ¤àõasampayuttaü sasaïkhàrikam ekaü, 7. Upekkhà-sahagataü ¤àõavippayuttaü asaïkhàrikam ekaü, 8. Upekkhà-sahagataü ¤àõavippayuttaü sasaïkhàrikam’ ekan’ ti Imàni aññha’ pi sahetuka kàmàvacarakusalacittàni nàma.

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