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By Honora Howell Chapman, Zuleika Rodgers

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A spouse to Josephus presents a suite of readings from foreign students that discover the works of the 1st century Jewish historian Flavius Josephus.

  • Represents the 1st single-volume choice of readings to target Josephus
  • Covers quite a lot of disciplinary methods to the topic, together with reception history
  • Features contributions from 29 eminent students within the box from 4 continents
  • Reveals very important insights into the Jewish and Roman worlds for the time being whilst Christianity was once gaining flooring as a movement

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A particularly rich thread in the Greco‐Roman tradition, manipulated brilliantly by Josephus, concerns the nature of political “freedom” or “autonomy,” on the one side, and “slavery” on the other. Paradoxes abound. Submission to Rome is undoubtedly a kind of slavery, and yet it may offer the best practical hope for internal self‐regulation and preser­ vation of the ancestral ways (ta patria/ethê, ta nomima, hoi patrioi nomoi). Demagogues typically rally the people with memories of glorious days past and vain hopes of both radical freedom and regional primacy.

We see this in Josephus’s Judean War. ” It was not a one‐way street from authority to trustworthiness, to be sure. Instead of pre­ senting evidence and arguments, authors displayed culture and urbanity with the well‐timed deployment of resonant political vocabulary, vivid battle scenes, moral‐philosophical reflec­ tions, and meaningful classical allusions. They aimed at a quality of political analysis that would put them in the same league as Thucydides. ” Rather than trying to trace the countless themes that run through the Judean War, I pro­ pose to corral them under four heads: (1) the national character; (2) managing the polis; (3) Jerusalem’s tragedy; and (4) cultic pollution and purification.

To put it the other way around, we are in no position to ascertain what he knew from what he chose to write. As for the sources he did use for the Judean War, we know less than scholars used to know. Understanding Josephus to be an Aramaic‐educated Pharisee from Jerusalem, more or less isolated from Hellenistic culture, they reasoned that for him to have produced the Judean War in excellent Greek, so soon after leaving Judea, he must have had enormous help both in finding material and in writing it up (Weber 1921, 10–13).

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