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By Margaret M. Miles

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A significant other to Greek Architecture offers an expansive evaluation of the subject, together with layout, engineering, and building in addition to concept, reception, and lasting effect.

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Elsewhere in Attica, temple builders relied on lower‐grade stones of local origin. For the Classical temples at Sounion, a native marble sufficed despite its milky grey veins and oblique fissures, while monuments at Brauron and Loutsa were built of sandstone. 10 Betsey A. Robinson Ancient Responses: Affective, Artistic, and Architectural An emotional or affective response to one’s surroundings has been termed topophilia by Yi‐Fu Tuan (1990), but it is an inconstant sensibility, and particularly difficult to pin down among the Greeks.

Od. 581; Delos: Οd. 162–167; Dodona: Ιl. 233–235. Od. 296–297). In the epics we also hear of a number of other ­sanctuaries, most of which flourished during the Geometric period. Among these is: the Sanctuary of Helikonian Poseidon (Il. 5); the sacred cave of Eileithyia at Amnisos (Od. 188–190); the Sanctuary of Aphrodite at Paphos (Od. 362–363); of Poseidon at Onchestos (Il. 506); of Poseidon at Geraistos in Euboea (Od. 177); and of Apollo in Ithaca (Od. 278). 80–81), in which Athena visits the “mighty house” (πύκινον δόμον) of Erechtheus in Athens is well known, as is that in the Catalog of Ships in which the goddess receives Erechtheus in her temple (Il.

In central Greece, silver ores only occur in southern Attica and on nearby islands, particularly Siphnos. The Siphnian mines were abandoned after the end of the sixth century bce, while the Athenians struck an abundant vein of silver‐rich ore at Laurion in the fifth century bce, and Attic silver production remained intense well into the next century. Mine‐shafts and tunnels, processing facilities (particularly cisterns and washeries), and waste heaps are scattered through the countryside between Thorikos and Sounion, while smelting furnaces were generally located on the shore, as at Panormos.

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