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By Lorna Hardwick, Christopher Stray

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Reading the great quantity of how within which the humanities, tradition, and considered Greece and Rome were transmitted, interpreted, tailored and used, A significant other to Classical Receptions explores the impression of this phenomenon on either historical and later societies.Provides a entire advent and evaluation of classical reception - the translation of classical artwork, tradition, and inspiration in later centuries, and the quickest turning out to be zone in classicsBrings jointly 34 essays through a global team of participants serious about historic and glossy reception strategies and practicesCombines shut readings of key receptions with wider contextualization and discussionExplores the impression of Greek and Roman tradition around the globe, together with an important new parts in Arabic literature, South African drama, the background of images, and modern ethics

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Finally, ‘Temporalities’ investigates how readers make connections across time when engaging with Homeric epic; and questions the viability of separating ancient from modern receptions. The aim of the chapter is not to give a comprehensive overview of the reception of Homer in antiquity (that would be difficult even in a series of long monographs, or an encyclopaedia); rather, it aims to present some basic issues likely to confront students of ancient (and, indeed, modern) receptions of Homer. Defining the Subject How and by whom the Homeric poems were composed, when and for what reasons they were written down, how the Alexandrian editors arrived at their text of the Iliad and the Odyssey are questions that have exercised generations of scholars.

Qxd 13/09/2007 09:03 AM Page 22 22 Felix Budelmann and Johannes Haubold moment of Zeus’ rule. Hera claims that she was with Oceanus (himself a Titan) when it happened, thus distancing herself from the current world order. g. Hes. Th. 358, 886–90 for Zeus’ wife Metis and her children). It would thus appear that a simple dichotomy between ‘traditional’ and ‘untraditional’ material does not do justice to the complexities of Hera’s speech. Nor will it help us understand the dynamics of reception in the context of early Greek epic.

3 Tradition as continuity Much recent literary and cultural criticism focuses on what is particular about a given text or author. Why does Anacreon appeal to a royalist under the Protectorate? How does Cowley’s piece relate to Weckherlin’s? How does Cowley adapt Anacreontea 21? Not that these questions can be settled with certainty, but they can be discussed in interesting ways. Thinking about the Anacreontic tradition gives a different vantage point. Of course, as we just pointed out, tradition too has room for particularity.

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